Author: Jason Illian

The Single Biggest Need in Technology

The single biggest need in the tech community is humility. We have enough want-treprenuers flaunting their next world-changing idea. We have plenty of college dropouts who learned Rails three months ago and think they deserve a six-figure salary and equity. We are not running out of mobile, consumer-facing apps that have no hope of ever

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Too Busy

Most of us are just too busy. We are too busy working on our jobs, working on our bodies, and working on our relationships. We are too busy trying to “get ahead” and “get on top”. But ahead of whom and on top of what? Instead of stopping and talking with God, we often speed

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Seeking Answers

Most of us go to God for answers, when in reality, it is God Himself we seek. Answers only become important when you don’t trust that God has your best interests in mind. We want God to explain our situations not because we want to understand His perfect plan, but because we want to be

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